Coale's Staff

Chris Kitts

Chris Kitts joined the Coale’s team in 2014. Chris has been working on cars and employed as a mechanic since he was 14 years old. He has attended several certificate workshops over his career to increase his skill and knowledge as a mechanic. Chris is an A Technician and an expert electrical diagnostician as well as skilled at general auto repair and maintenance. Chris is skilled at engine repair and replacement as well as working on larger work trucks.

Mike Coale

Michael Coale is a third generation automotive mechanic. He began working on his first car at age 13 (‘65 Chevelle) and has been fixing cars ever since. He has been a Maryland State Inspection Mechanic since 1985 and is well versed in repairing and diagnosing both domestic and foreign car models. Mike took over the business from his father, Mickey, and is proud to be carrying on the Coale's Automotive business tradition in Millersville.

Brandon Newman

Brandon Newman had been with Coale’s since 2012 and works as a B Technician. He graduated from Center of Applied Technology (CAT) South in 2012. Brandon is a Prevention Maintenance Specialist working on lubrication, transmission, brakes and other maintenance work for both foreign and domestic cars.

Original Shop

Original Crownsville shop, 1946-1966